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BiciZen collaborates in the new citizen science campaign ‘Pedala i Reporta’ led by the Bicycle Club of Catalonia – BACC.

The project aims to collect incidents related to the poor state of Barcelona’s cycling infrastructure and advocate for its maintenance and improvement in various districts of the city.

From September 15th to October 20th, those interested in participating will be able to report any incidents related to maintenance or deterioration of infrastructure that they experience during their regular bike rides. Reports must be submitted through the BiciZen app’s Safety function, where users can specify the exact location of the incident, map a route and share photos or additional comments.

The engaged involvement of Barcelona’s cycling community will offer valuable insights to develop proposals and reports aimed at improving the city’s cycling network.

Collaborative campaigns such as Pedala i Reporta show the importance of having a tool like BiciZen, which serves as a platform to collect data and create links between the cycling community, local institutions and authorities.

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