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We would like to share the results of ‘Pedala i Reporta’ a citizen science campaign led by the Bicycle Club of Catalonia – BACC using BiciZen. The project has collected incidents related to the state of Barcelona’s cycling infrastructure to advocate for its maintenance and improvement. Find the results here.

The campaign’s objective was to collect incidents related to the maintenance of the cycling infrastructure of Barcelona in its districts. The project specifically targeted incidences related to the paint of cycling infrastructure, the physical separators of cycle paths and the conditions of the floor under the cycle paths.

This has been the first campaign designed and implemented using BiciZen as the main source for data collection. After the collection of the data, the team has also participated on the treatment and analysis of the collected data. We are very happy with the results, and are open to collaborate on more campaigns.

Insights from the results of ‘Pedala i Reporta’

During the campaign, 134 reports were submitted to BiciZen. Of those, there were various instances of reports refering to more than one problematic. The final desagregated results are on the right.

The majority of the reports are related to the physical separators. The main issues include the lacking replacement, the danger of metal separator remains and recollection of their broken pieces.

The rest of the reports refer mainly to the maintenance of cycle paths in regard to their pavement and paint. Additionally, there are cases related to damaged bicycle parking facilities, lack of cleaning, and obstructions.

Pictures from the campaign

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