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Dear all, we are happy to announce that the BiciZen app is available on Google Play Store (link), or accessible through any browser at

During the following weeks, we will be collecting feedback through the feature Propose/BiciZen feedback, that can be found in the BiciZen app, and through the following email: Feel free to share with us all the improvements you think we should make in order to have a better app running. We will try our best to get them done before the official launch of the app.

Tomorrow at 14 h CET we will have an online presentation of the features of the app, it will be in Catalan/Spanish, you can join us here.

As many of you know, we have used the majority of our budget to produce the app, so it may be difficult to get new things implemented before the launch of the app. Nonetheless, we are searching for more funds, so we hope to be able to implement your improvement suggestions in the near future.

You can see more information about the BiciZen project. We hope to have the BiciZen website up and running in the following weeks.

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