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Soon we will have the first version of BiciZen in our hands. In the meanwhile, you can look at our first StoryMap, where we narrate the history of the Bicycle Parking Project. Please, consider visualizing it on it’s native interface (Here!)

The StoryMap gives an overview of our first study on Bicycle Parking [1], showing some of its results such as the bicycle parking occupancy by district. It includes an interactive map with all the collected data in the study.

It also goes over our collaboration with The Bicycle Parking Project, that allowed us to record occupancy data of 400 bicycle parking locations in Barcelona thought their phone app.

At the end, we show a preview of the interface to add a new bicycle parking location in the future BiciZen app.

How adding a parking location will look like in the future. Only the three initial fields are mandatory.


Honey-Rosés, J., V. Ortega, S. Dejaegher, E. Corbera (in review) Bicycle Parking Use Patterns, Occupancy and Rotation Rates in the Streets of Barcelona.

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