BiciBús Mapping

A BiciBús consists of a group of cycling people who have a marked itinerary with a departure and arrival time, and with stops along the route where people can join or leave. In the case we are dealing with, BiciBús is made of families, girls, boys, mothers and fathers… , who want to go to school in a clean, healthy and safe way. Riding in group give them security when the city is not ready for children cycle by themselves. It’s a way to claim child-friendly cities, and to start school actively and socializing with other colleagues.

This initiative has been around for some time in various parts of the world. However, in 2020 it began to be organized in Vic, Catalonia, under the name Bus Bici, and soon spread throughout the rest of Catalonia. It continued to grow, and when it arrived to Barcelona, ​​the name BiciBús was coined and the initiative went viral around the world.

The aim of this research is to map the BiciBús initiatives that currently exist in Catalonia, Spain and the rest of the world. We want to put them on a map, and describe their main features and the motivations that have made them exist.

Our specific objectives are:
– Map the BiciBús lines that exist in Catalonia, Spain and the world.
– Know the main organizational features.
– Understand the motivations and barriers they encounter.
– Anticipate evolution over time.